4 Ways You’re Accidentally Ruining Your Countertops

Dont Ruin Your Countertops

Countertops made of granite are among the best options to update your kitchen.  Granite countertop installation in your kitchen will boost your home’s appeal and value. However, you should still be aware of how to treat and maintain your countertops so they stay appealing and valuable! 

4 Ways You’re Accidentally Ruining Your Countertops

Granite countertops are strong and durable. Regardless of the durability, how you use the countertop can determine its lifespan. You should avoid several actions to protect your countertops from possible damage.

Here are some of the ways you are accidentally causing damage to your countertop.

1. Placing Hot Appliances on the Countertops

Not all countertops are completely resistant to heat. While granite countertops have heat resistance characteristics, extreme heat can damage them. You should avoid placing hot pans and pots on your countertops’ surfaces.

The sudden thermal expansion of your countertop material can cause cracking. You don’t want to incur extra costs repairing or replacing your countertops.

There are ways to avoid such a mistake and protect your countertop. You can decide to wait for the hot appliances to cool down before placing them on the countertop. Placing a cutting board between the hot appliance and the countertop is also a good idea. 

2. Cutting and Chopping 

Cutting, chopping, and slicing directly on your countertops is the surest way of damaging them. You will leave your countertops with unnecessary scratches. The scratch marks will decline the appeal of your countertops and the entire kitchen. 

Always use a chopping board to avoid damaging your countertops. Granite countertops have smooth surfaces that easily make a knife slide while cutting or chopping. Avoiding cutting directly on granite countertops also reduces the chances of injuries. 

3. Too Much Weight on the Countertops

You may be adding too much weight to your countertops in several ways. Among them are sitting/standing on the countertops or placing extremely heavy objects on them.

Such ways will add excess pressure on your countertops, making it easier for them to crack. Note that countertop damage caused by excess weight is usually severe. Protect your countertops by avoiding anything that could add unnecessary weight to them.

4. Using Harsh Cleaners 

You must be careful when buying cleaning supplies for your home. Avoid purchasing harsh or acidic cleaning products since they damage countertops. 

Cleaning products containing chlorine or ammonia will make your granite countertop lose its luster and cause the deterioration of the sealant applied to your countertop . Faded countertops are unappealing and can also make your kitchen space look a bit unattractive. 

You should also immediately clean any spills of acidic foods and drinks on your countertops. Such foods include wine, lemon juice, vinegar, or orange juice. Acidic foods will bleach and stain your countertops. 

Consider Granite Countertop Installation

Now that you know how to keep granite safe, it’s time to install your granite countertops! DIY granite countertop installation is not very easy. You can also easily damage your countertops if you decide to do the work on your own, without sufficient knowledge and preparation. Hiring a professional to install your granite countertop will save you time and stress.  At E&B Granite, we have over 20 years of experience providing our clients from the greater St. Louis and Metro East Area with customized countertops.

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