Are Custom Kitchen Cabinets Worth the Investment?

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There are many standard cabinets you can choose from when looking to give your kitchen or home a lift. However, prefabricated models seldom beat custom cabinets. You can select custom installations for a new home, kitchen remodeling, cabinet upgrades, and more.

4 Reasons Why Investing in Custom Cabinets is Worth It

The benefits of custom cabinetry are evident and straightforward. You’ll enjoy unlimited possibilities and can design your kitchen exactly how you envision. Here are the four top reasons why investing in a custom cabinet is worth every dollar.

1. Limitless Designs

Custom designs offer unlimited opportunities, unlike ready-made options that cap you to specific choices. Going custom allows you to work with what’s available. You can find the ideal cabinet design, size, color, finish, and other design elements for your space.

Ready-made cabinets may not fit your space or blend in with other design elements on your walls and floors. You can add personal preferences and dictate everything from the material to the final accents with custom designs. 

2. Best Quality

Premade cabinets tend to break apart quickly, and some use cheap materials and crafts. Custom installations give you 100% control over the quality you’ll get. All you need is a reputable home improvement company or cabinet expert.

Choosing custom allows you to determine the best materials, designs, and installers for your cabinets. Although wear and tear affect all cabinets, the damage is minimal when you install custom designs. They also last longer and are easier to upgrade.

3. Custom Sizing

Ready-made cabinets come in unique sizes and dimensions designed to fit specific spaces. Home improvement companies use the data from their previous jobs, and existing building plans to determine the ideal sizes that’ll suit most homes.

However, standard cabinets won’t fit every house. You shouldn’t worry about size when working with custom installations because the contractor will measure everything. So whether you have a small, minimalistic design or a large airy kitchen, you’ll get the precise size cabinets.

4. Save Cost

Custom installations might seem expensive since you have to build everything from scratch. Incorporate personal aspects, and luxury details that need special equipment also cost more than standards aesthetics. However, you’ll end up paying less in the long run.

Custom installations feature premium quality materials and are more durable than ready-made models. You also get to monitor everything from start to finish. Moreover, there’s no markup added to prebuilt products. With proper installation, a custom cabinet can last several years.

Professional Custom Cabinet Installation in St. Louis

Custom cabinetry has many advantages, but not all installations live up to their reputation. You still need an experienced home improvement company. The best solution is to work with a reputable shop that deals with cabinets, countertops, and kitchen remodeling.

Unlike prebuilt cabinets, custom designs involve a lot of decisions, so you need to have a clear vision of what you want. But, more importantly, you should let experts handle the job and guide them to achieve the best outcome.

At E&B Granite, we are proud to serve residents in St Louis and Southern Illinois areas. Since 2002, we have provided custom fabricated cabinets and countertops of the highest quality and pride ourselves in satisfying customer needs.

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