How to Prep Your Kitchen for Granite Countertop Installation

How to Prep for Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are a classic choice for your kitchen renovation project. Granite countertop installations need proper preparation to be completed successfully. Here are some beneficial tips on properly preparing for the granite countertop installation:

Create a Makeshift Space Prior to the Granite Countertop Installation

The contractors need the space and time to work on the installation project efficiently. A kitchen is usually out of commission for a while during the installation process. You may not be able to use the kitchen to make meals during the renovation. Creating a makeshift space can take care of kitchen needs in the meantime.

Prepare for Templating

Templating is the process of generating a template that shows a precise idea of the exact measurement and shape of the new countertop. It is usually done before the actual countertop is installed. Appliances like the refrigerator, microwave, or gas cooker should already be in place before templating.

The right measurements contribute to a successful granite countertop installation project. Templating happens when the contractor comes by the house to take those measurements. For the templating to go smoothly, the following should be done:

  • Remove any objects on all kitchen surfaces
  • Make sure that all kitchen accessories, including faucets, are on-site
  • Have all the appliances such as the refrigerator, dishwasher, and microwave in place for precise measurement
  • Make sure that all the base cabinets are securely installed, leveled, and emptied

Clear the Path to Your Kitchen Ahead of The Installation

Because granite is heavy to lift and move, the contractors need a cleared path from the front or back door to the kitchen. Before the installation crew arrives, you should make sure that whichever door is chosen for use allows easy and unobstructed access. Once the suitable door is identified, clear the path that leads to the kitchen. Young children and pets should steer clear of that path too.

Protect Surrounding Walls and Appliances

Installing a granite countertop isn’t a clean process. There will be a lot of sawdust, and there might be some damage to your home. Our installation specialists often take great care to make sure that there is no significant damage to the walls or appliances in our clients’ homes.

To make sure that none of your walls or appliances receive small scapes or minor damage, use drop cloths and protective mats to conceal the surrounding appliances, furniture, and walls. These items verify the prevention of accidental damages and cut down on dust.

 Professional Granite Countertop Installers in St. Louis

At E&B Granite, we have proudly served St Louis and Southern Illinois residents since 2002. We offer various home services, including creating and installing custom countertops.

 Our expert team of installation specialists does their best to make sure that your granite countertop installation project is done on schedule and finished the way you want. If you have any questions or you’re looking for a quote, get in touch with E&B Granite today. We are dedicated to providing you with the best quality countertop installation. 

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