How to Tell What Kind of Countertop You Have

What Type of Counter Do I Have

At E&B Granite, we know that a countertop is a statement piece in the kitchen. It is the center of attention, where you cook and people gather. If you are thinking about a new countertop installation, determining what you currently have is a good first step. Here is information on some common countertop materials and edge shapes to help you determine what you’re working with: 


There are a variety of materials that people use for countertops. Some of the stone-type materials appear similar to each other, but they each have unique characteristics that can help you figure out what your countertop is made of. 


Granite is a beautiful, natural material for a countertop. It can handle a lot of heat, and it is stain resistant. Your current countertop may be granite if the following qualities apply to the material:

  • Natural color (earth tones like white, brown, or black)
  • Visible flecks, waves, or grains
  • Shiny protective coating
  • Difficult to scratch or chip (looks new or nearly new).


Marble is a natural stone. Like granite, marble will have visible waves, grain patterns, and color contrast. Marble has more complicated vein patterns than granite. Another big difference between marble and granite is that marble is very porous. If your countertop is an earth tone with very intricate veining but is porous, you may be looking at marble. 


Quartz is a manmade material. It is very durable and requires very little maintenance. Since it is manufactured, quartz can be made in any color. It tends to be more solid-looking than granite or marble, with less veining and color variation.

If you have a solid countertop in an unusual color that doesn’t require much maintenance, it may be quartz. 


Quartzite is another natural stone. Like granite, it is very durable and has a limited color range. The patterns are more like marble. If your countertop is non-porous like granite but full of detail like marble, it may be quartzite.

Profile Edge Shape

For all of the possible countertop materials, there are several different shape options for the edges of your surface. Knowing what shape you have now can help you decide whether you want something similar or to change it up. 

These are some of the common edge shapes:

  • Eased – square cut with rounded edges
  • Bullnose – rounded edge with no corners
  • Demi bullnose – rounded top edge and flat bottom edge with a corner

Let Us Handle Your Next Countertop Installation

The right countertop can set the tone for the whole kitchen, or even the whole house, so make sure your next installation is in good hands. At E&B Granite, we have been providing countertop excellence to the Midwest for two decades. Whether you want a simple installation, a custom countertop, or a total remodel, we have you covered. Once you’ve figured out what kind of countertop you have right now, we can help you decide what you want to do with your kitchen’s look. Work with our granite experts today.

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