Reasons To Invest in Custom Kitchen Cabinets

The installing a furniture handle process of assembling kitchen cabinet

Getting custom cabinets allows you to personalize your kitchen to your exact specifications and functionality requirements. At E&B Granite, we design, build, and install kitchen storage solutions that are specially crafted for each client. Here are some benefits of investing in our custom kitchen cabinets:

Pick Your Style

E&B Granite offers cabinets to complement your kitchen’s ambiance. Door finishes come in multiple colors, from dark natural wood to modern whites. Deeper shades can create a homey atmosphere that supplements traditional and rustic interiors, while neutral paneling blends into minimalistic spaces and creates elegant, smooth lines. Our doors feature full overlay panels made of three-quarter-inch solid wood to minimize gaps. A concealed under-mount design hides drawer fixtures for a clean look. Other customization options include cabinet height, finish, and wood type. You can choose your preferred door design, handle hardware color and style, and matching molding. We also offer designer-brand cabinets for a high-end aesthetic at discounted prices.

Utilize Your Empty Space

When you order custom cabinets, our team measures your kitchen and crafts shelving to fit the dimensions precisely. Fitted woodwork utilizes all the available space in a designated area, giving you more room for cooking and storage. Kitchen tools used less often can be stored out of the way but remain nearby for convenience. Small kitchens benefit from shelving space that moves utensils off the countertop. Uniform cabinets can be designed to extend from floor to ceiling to maximize your storage and give the room a tidy, uniform appearance. For those looking for a unique, eclectic vibe, space-filling cabinets can also be made in varying sizes and fitted together.

Increase Kitchen Functionality

Along with cabinets, our team designs kitchen islands. These islands provide additional functional counter space and extra storage space underneath. We design multi-functional islands with customized utilities, including pull-out spice racks, sheet pan storage, and garbage and recycling stations. Island countertops can also be customized to your tastes and needs, increasing their usefulness, and boosting your kitchen’s visual appeal. E&B Granite carries a wide range of stone countertop options to match your style and decor. Pricing bundles are available for renovations that include cabinets and countertop work.

We build quality-of-life features that make using your kitchen easier, like cabinets that employ soft-close hardware to minimize noise and prevent injuries. Drawers rest on full-extension gliders that make the back more accessible and boast UV-treated topcoat interiors that toughen the wood. Our doors feature European-style adjustable hinges with six available positions for changing uses.

Use Appliances Seamlessly

Custom cabinets may incorporate built-in appliances because they are built around the machine’s exact dimensions. This minimizes unsightly gaps and turns unutilized space into useful kitchen space. Appliance necessities, like soap for dishwashers and cleaners for refrigerators, can be placed right next to their machine, making them more convenient to use. Appliance cabinetry also serves an aesthetic purpose. Concealing your appliances when not in use eliminates clutter and unifies the space’s look.

Improve Organization

Our designers customize each drawer or shelf for the way you plan to use it. Varied cabinet depth enables more efficient storage. Deep drawers are suitable for arranging pots and pans inside, while shallow or tiered storage makes retrieving dishes and pantry items easier. Adjustable shelving is also available, adding flexibility around items of different heights. Flexible shelf height extends the longevity of your renovation by making it easy to reconfigure your cabinets if your storage needs change. Hardware features help make corner cabinets more accessible, like lazy susans, pull-out trays, and swing-out shelves. Individual cabinets are also customizable for specific purposes, like serving as wine racks.

Access Professional Design Assistance

E&B Granite offers potential clients a free consultation with a member of our design team. They discuss the type of remodel you’re interested in, the area of your home you want updated, the purposes you need that space to fulfill, and your tastes in style. The designer then makes recommendations for services and explores options based on your needs. They collaborate with you to find the best design for your space and help guide you through installation. Our no-obligation consultation also includes a cost estimate.

Experience Efficient Pro-level Renovations

After deciding on a design, our team will help you take your kitchen’s measurements and begin crafting your cabinets. An average project’s design phase lasts 7-10 business days, depending on the time of year. The size of your remodel determines the length of the installation. It usually takes 1-3 business days and is handled entirely in-house. The whole renovation process can be completed in as little as two weeks.

Local Custom Kitchen Cabinets

E&B Granite serves the St. Louis community and has extensive experience in kitchen and bathroom renovations. This allows us to offer one-stop convenience to clients seeking custom kitchen cabinets. Contact us today for a free design consultation or visit our showroom to see materials and talk with our staff.

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