Should countertops be lighter or darker than cabinets?

Countertop Contrast

Designing a kitchen can be tasking since you have to consider so many factors, including getting the right countertops. Countertop installation done right adds vibrance to the whole kitchen, ensuring the remodel is a success. Determining the countertop color depends on how you want the space to feel and look. Involving experts to help you choose the best option is the surefire way to get amazing results.

A common question most homeowners ask is, “Should countertops be lighter or darker than cabinets?” Well, it depends on the look that you choose for your kitchen. Classically, one could use darker countertops than cabinets. Today, the trend is using lighter countertops than cabinets to improve the kitchen’s appeal.

Using Darker Countertops Than Cabinets

Bold color choices in a home create a unique effect. Using darker countertops in the kitchen creates a differentiating feeling which can be alluring. Here are the pros and cons of using darker countertops with light cabinets.


  •   Dark countertops hide flaws and messes in the finish, so your kitchen will always look great. They help continue the matching theme throughout the home, ensuring a balanced outlook. 
  •   Dark countertops also work well in kitchens that have ample light. They make the kitchen look welcoming and warm for guests.
  •   They are also ideal for massive kitchen spaces to make them feel smaller and more accommodating.


  •   Dark countertops are a classic and somewhat outdated trick for the kitchen. It means that they prevent your kitchen from looking edgy.
  •   Dark colors also take away the interest from the countertops, making flaws in other areas more visible. 
  •   Dark countertops can make a regular-sized kitchen feel small, so they are not always recommended.

Using Lighter Countertops with Darker Cabinets

Using lighter countertops is a common trend that most homeowners opt for. Below are some of the pros and cons of working with lighter countertops and dark cabinets.


  •   Light countertops with dark cabinets are trendy since they are the current go-to design for most remodeling experts. They are perfect for the ultimate modern look in a home.
  •   They also help draw guests’ attention in your kitchen to the countertops. In essence, great countertops will create a wow factor for the guests.
  •   You enjoy a wider range of materials when working with lighter countertops such as marble and quartz. These materials bring in an improved appeal to your kitchen. They are also better choices since they don’t scar easily and improve your property’s resale value.
  •   Light countertops are perfect for smaller kitchens since they amplify the space without making it look busy. 


  •   The combination of light countertops and dark cabinets can make the kitchen space feel busy if there is a considerable variation in the contrast. 
  •   Light countertops require maintaining a clean kitchen at all times since they amplify dirt.

Work With the Countertop Installation Experts Today

Deciding on the color of your kitchen countertops can be tricky. Experts recommend working with a lighter countertop than a cabinet for the perfect color blend. This combination makes the countertop installation job ideal for the ultimate kitchen outlook.

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