The Do’s and Dont’s of Proper Cabinet Maintenance

Cabinet Maintenance

With proper care, you can prevent long-lasting damage to your cabinets. Proper care will involve routine cabinet cleaning and polishing using the right products. The cleaning methods differ depending on the cabinet material and finishes. E&B Granite recommends the following dos and don’ts for proper maintenance to avoid damaging the cabinets:


Get Maintenance Instructions From the Manufacturer 

Custom fabricated cabinets have unique materials, finishes, and lamination, that require special maintenance. You can get proper maintenance instructions from the cabinet’s manufacturer.

E&B Granite can recommend the right cleaning products for your cabinet. By following our specialist’s advice on proper cabinet care, you can protect its surface and retain the finish even with continued use.

Use Mild Cleaning Products 

The cabinet’s surface may be delicate, so you should use mild cleaning products. Mild soap is perfect for cabinet cleaning since it does not have harmful chemicals. Use a soft cloth to wipe down your cabinetry during the cleaning process. Wipe along the grain on wood cabinets for an impressive clean.

Deal with Spills Instantly

Food and drink spills can damage the cabinet’s material if left unattended. Clean the spills instantly to prevent damage. Many spills are easily cleaned using soap and water or a soft cloth. If there are any chemical spills, observe safety precautions when dealing with them.


Avoid Harsh Cleaning Products

Abrasive cleaning products leave dents or scratches on the cabinet’s surface, causing it to lose appeal. Cleaners with strong chemicals can also strip off paint, which damages the surface of the cabinet. Avoiding harsh cleaning products like steel wool or chemical cleaners to help maintain your cabinet’s cool appearance.

Avoid Waxing Cabinets

Wax on wood surfaces offers a lustrous finish, but experts discourage the use of wax on cabinets. Waxing cabinets can tamper with the polish and leave your cabinets looking dull. You also risk creating a wax surface buildup which can be hard to remove. The buildup may become hazy over time which affects the cabinet’s appeal. 

Avoid Letting Water Sit

Cleaning water spills fast can help you keep the cabinets in the best condition. You should avoid retaining excess moisture on the cabinets as it can damage the material.

Most cabinets made of wood are sealed to prevent moisture entry, but excess moisture may find entry points to the wood surface. Prolonged exposure to moisture causes the cabinet surface to warp. You can also experience mold growth, leading to a foul smell in your kitchen.

Immediately after you finish cleaning the cabinets with soapy water, rinse and dry the surfaces. Keeping cabinet surfaces dry and moisture-free will help them look impressive for years to come.

Consult Cabinet Installation Experts on Proper Maintenance Techniques

Cabinet maintenance can be complex because the techniques work differently for the various materials and finishes. Observing the above dos and don’ts of proper cabinetry maintenance helps keep them in great condition. If you are unsure of any cabinetry care techniques, consult with your cabinet design specialists.

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