Things to Know About Custom Cabinets Versus Prefabricated Cabinets

Custom vs Prefab

You may wonder if custom cabinets are worth the investment or if prefabricated cabinets will function and look just as good. At E&B granite, we have added vanities and cabinets to our current quartz and granite product lines. Here is an in-depth look at custom cabinets versus prefabricated cabinets.

What Are Custom Cabinets?

When it comes to home renovations, customized cabinets can give you total creative freedom. Choose the cabinets’ features, materials, physical dimensions, and finish for a unique final look.

Custom cabinets are designed to fit the available space in your kitchen just the way you like. With an easily accessible layout, you can have the kitchen of your dreams! 

Both prefabricated cabinets and custom cabinetry can be made of the same material, but most homeowners prefer cabinets made of solid wood. Solid wood can last many years and can be easily refined by a professional without needing to be replaced. 

Regardless of the material used, if you prefer custom cabinetry the installation can take much longer. The product must match the exact specifications before installation, and this kind of precision takes time. 

We sell several different brands of cabinets. Our team of designers will help you decide the best choice based on your requirements. Your kitchen and bathroom can be uniquely designed to match the rest of your home.

What Are Prefabricated Cabinets?

Prefabricated cabinets are made in advance in standard wood choices, shapes, and sizes. They can be different from your exact kitchen dimension. You choose from the available pre-made sizes and fit them in your kitchen the best way possible. 

These cabinets are available in preset designs and colors that you cannot refinish. The price of these cabinets is usually lower, which is a good selling point for homeowners who wish to spend less on cabinets and more on appliances as well as home flip jobs. 

Solid wood is not commonly used in making prefab cabinets. Most manufacturers use melamine or plywood and standard joinery. But they do so following a high standard of industry quality factors.

We have options for prefabricated cabinets with different features. If you don’t have the luxury of waiting for custom cabinets, you can order pre-made cabinets from us. Visit our website or showroom and check out the available options.

E&B Granite Is Your Custom Cabinets Expert

A kitchen or bath designer will help you make good use of the available space and cabinetry. The right cabinet design, material, and style will help you have the kitchen or bathroom you’ve envisioned. Working with a designer also provides you with more options. 

We have bathroom and kitchen designers to help you complete your project. They will also be happy to respond to any questions you may have. Let E&B Granite take care of your cabinet remodeling project.

We’ll assist you in making a decision on custom cabinets versus prefabricated cabinets, depending on your home’s design. Use our expertise to choose designs worth investing in according to the latest trends in the market. 

Our team has built a reputation of commitment and trust. We are your go-to contractor for kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects.

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