5 Design Options With Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinet Options

Custom kitchen cabinets allow homeowners to create elegant and inviting spaces. At E&B Granite, we can customize your cabinets with your desired design and features. From two-tone cabinets to open shelving storage, we understand that each client has unique needs and preferences. Here are five cabinet installation designs you can consider for your home:

1. Two-tone Cabinets

Two-tone means combining two different colors or materials in the same space. This design style adds contrast and visual interest to your kitchen. With our custom kitchen cabinets, you can mix and match colors or materials to create the perfect two-tone effect. You can have upper cabinets in dark-stained wood and lower cabinets in bright white. Using two different wood choices can also help create a unique kitchen cabinet design. Our professional team will work with you to find the right combination to meet your needs.

2. Glass-front Cabinets

Glass-front cabinets are perfect for individuals looking to showcase their beautiful dinnerware, cookware, and other collectibles. They feature glass inserts that serve as a window to the items inside while keeping them securely enclosed. This design style is excellent for your custom kitchen cabinets if you want to display your antique or sentimental dishes behind protective glass. The frame can come in various materials, and you can customize the size of the viewing window. Our team can help you create a visually-appealing kitchen design using glass-front cabinets.

3. Shaker-style Cabinets

The Shaker-style cabinet features a timeless and elegant design with clean lines, recessed center panels, and simple, functional hardware. Hardwood is a common material of choice for this classic look, known for its quality and durability. These cabinets also pair well with most colors and finishes. Whether you have a traditional or modern kitchen, a Shaker-style cabinet can enhance the aesthetic of any space.

4. Open Shelving Cabinets

This kitchen storage style helps homeowners create a light and airy feel. It’s a great option for a minimalist kitchen design. Open shelving can also serve as display spaces for stylish dinnerware and other kitchen items. We can customize your cabinets to include open shelving with the exact size, shape, and finish to fit your kitchen needs.

5. Beadboard Cabinets

Beadboard cabinets help add texture and depth to your kitchen. This design style is characterized by its vertical grooves called beads. It’s an excellent way to add visual interest and dimension to your cabinets without feeling overwhelmed. Beadboard is often made of wood or MDF and can be customized to fit your kitchen style. With our professional help, you can choose your preferred colors and finishes to complement your existing decor.

Hire E&B Granite for Quality Custom Kitchen Cabinets

E&B Granite offers exceptional cabinet customization and installation services in the St. Louis and Southern Illinois areas. We can guide you through choosing the right cabinet height, finish, wood type, door design, hardware options, and many other aspects. Our company also has designer cabinets from reputable brands, including Shrock Cabinetry, Kabinart, and Cabinetry by Decor√°. Let us customize your cabinets and bring your design vision to life.

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