6 Places To Use Granite Countertops Besides Your Kitchen


Granite countertops are a popular choice for many homeowners due to their durability, resilience, and sleek appearance. While they’re commonly found in kitchens, they can elevate the style and function of other rooms in your home. E&B Granite offers quality granite countertop installation for any space. Here are some areas we recommend installing granite countertops:

1. Bathrooms 

Granite countertops are suitable for your bathrooms because they’re water-resistant. They can handle the water without easily getting damaged or harboring mold and microbes. 

We can use granite on your bathroom vanity tops and sinks. The stone offers an unmatched aesthetic appeal and enhances your bathroom’s functionality. You can get more creative by using granite on your walls to match your sinks and vanity tops. 

2. Pantry 

Granite countertops can spruce up your pantry and make your home stand out. The stone is sturdy enough to hold heavy pantry items like bulk food storage, enhancing long-term use. Our elite team of designers will help you find the best granite countertop design for your pantry to add character to the space. 

3. Coffee Table 

Granite can make an excellent coffee table as it can withstand scratches from plates and coffee mugs. The stone is also resistant to stains, so you can eat without worrying about unsightly spots on your table. 

You can get creative by using granite for your outdoor coffee table. Our experienced fabricators are ready to create a granite coffee table in whichever style or shape you want. 

4. Home Bar 

You can use a granite countertop as your home bar to make your space more appealing. The stone also can make the home bar area more functional, as you can spill drinks without worrying about staining. You only need to wipe spills with a dry cloth for your countertop to look as good as new. We offer numerous profile edging options so you can get as creative as you want with your home bar countertop design. 

5. Fireplace 

You can transform your fireplace into an interesting focal point by installing a granite countertop as the mantel shelf. Granite is heat-resistant, so it can stand exposure to heat without showing signs of damage. Our designers will work with you to find a stone that matches your living room decor. This will help your granite fireplace add to your space’s aesthetics. 

6. Laundry Room 

Sprucing up your laundry area with granite countertops can increase its functionality. A granite countertop is resistant to scrapes, so it can withstand contact with your laundry baskets and belts without getting damaged. It also provides more room for safely storing chemical cleaners out of children’s reach. Our installers can install granite shelves in your laundry room to match your laundry countertop and offer more storage room. 

Find Granite Countertop Installation Experts at E&B Granite

E&B Granite offers high-quality granite countertop installation. We have teams of designers, fabricators, and installers who’ll work with you throughout your project. Our designers will recommend suitable styles and shapes, the fabricators will create whichever design you choose, and the installers will work hard to provide a seamless installation. Schedule a granite countertop consultation today. 

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