How Many Different Cabinet Sizes Do I Need?

Cabinet size considerations for your new kitchen.

If you’re looking to install new kitchen cabinets, you may need differently sized ones for various reasons. You may have unique storage requirements, a special appliance you need to fit, or the kitchen may be an odd shape. At E&B Granite, we design and install custom kitchen cabinets to meet various needs and preferences. Here are several factors to consider when determining how many different cabinet sizes you require:

1. Storage Needs

The items you intend to store in your cabinets can help determine the number of different cabinet sizes to install. Measure the dimensions of each item to verify the space they’ll need. If you have several appliances that are almost the same size, such as a slow cooker and a rice cooker, you can likely store them in similar cabinets. You may benefit from differently sized cabinets if you have items of varying shapes and sizes, like a toaster and a microwave oven. Special items like large standing mixers and trash compactors may need their own dedicated cabinet space. When you hire us to install your custom kitchen cabinets, we’ll include your storage requirements in our design accordingly.

2. Space Layout

If your kitchen is an odd shape, you may need differently sized cabinets to fit the space. Measure the areas where you want to install cabinets and determine which sizes can fit into each spot. If there’s a narrow gap you want to fill, you may need custom sizes to take advantage of the space. Corners can also be challenging to fit, requiring special sizes. We have designers and installers who can recommend creative solutions to make the best use of your kitchen space. They can measure to determine how many cabinet sizes you need depending on the layout and shape of your kitchen.

3. Style Preferences

You may also need different cabinet sizes to suit your desired design and style. Some people prefer uniform cabinet sizes for a more consistent look, while others like mixing and matching sizes for visual interest. Depending on your preferences, you can select the sizes that will give your kitchen a unique style. Our experienced E&B Granite designers can work with you to create a combination of standard and custom cabinet sizes that meet your aesthetic needs.

4. Your Budget

Custom kitchen cabinets can vary in price depending on the material and style. Consider your main priorities and invest in those areas. If your budget is limited, but you like a particular style, our designers can provide similar solutions for meeting your style and size requirements. We can help you find a custom kitchen cabinet layout that complements your home.

Choose E&B Granite for Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Different cabinet sizes can look great and serve a practical purpose depending on your storage needs and layout. At E&B Granite, we can help you determine how many cabinet sizes you need and design them to fit your tastes and budget. We use quality materials and install cabinets with care for long-lasting results. Contact us today to start the process of creating custom kitchen cabinets for your home.

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