How To Decide How Big Your Bathroom Countertops Should Be

Bathroom double vanity countertops

A new bathroom countertop is an excellent way to spruce up your space and make it more functional. At E&B Granite, we offer full-service countertop installation, meaning we’ll help you with everything from determining the right size for your countertop to installation. Here’s how to decide how big your bathroom countertop should be:

Measure the Intended Installation Area 

The size of your bathroom space will determine how big your countertop should be. Your new countertop should create a visual balance by complementing your bathroom’s space. Typically, a small bathroom will need a small countertop, and a spacious bathroom will need a large one. You don’t have to worry about taking measurements on your own. Our designers will take care of it during our in-home visit to make sure we use the right countertop size. 

Apart from bathroom size, we consider components like electrical outlets and plumbing placements. Your new countertop shouldn’t block your electrical outlets or plumbing fixtures if you don’t intend to re-do your electrical and plumbing. If you do plan to re-install your electrical work and plumbing, we can work with your contractors to determine an appropriate countertop size based on their intended placements. 

Determine Countertop’s Purpose

A countertop’s intended use will determine its appropriate size. Our team discusses clients’ needs before settling on a specific size for optimal countertop functionality. 

A compact countertop may be enough if you only intend to use your countertop to place essentials like your toothbrush and toothpaste. If you intend to use your space to store additional items like dryers and decorative pieces like flowers, you’ll need a larger countertop space. The goal is to install a countertop that provides space without appearing too cluttered.

Consider the Number of Users 

The number of users can determine a countertop’s width. If you’re renovating a shared bathroom, we recommend a large countertop to allow multiple people to use the counter simultaneously. 

The type of users can also determine the right size for your countertop. A small countertop may be enough for two adults. You may need to go larger if you have kids, as you’ll likely need to help them with tasks like brushing their teeth and combing their hair.

Consider Your Sink 

A countertop should be large enough to accommodate your sink and leave enough room for bathroom essentials. If your bathroom can only accommodate a small countertop, choose a small sink to prevent it from dominating your space. At E&B Granite, we offer a wide variety of sink options suitable for different kinds of countertops. Our team will work with you to choose an appropriate one. 

Expert Countertop Installation 

At E&B Granite, we’re committed to delivering 100% customer satisfaction, hence our attention to detail throughout the countertop installation process. When you hire us, we’ll send a team of designers to your home to measure your bathroom space, determine your needs, and understand your desired aesthetic before starting fabrication. We’ll work hard to make your countertop vision a reality. Contact us for professional countertop installation. 

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