When To Replace Your Countertops

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You may need a new countertop installation if your current countertops are visibly damaged or if you want to elevate your space. At E&B Granite, we offer a large selection of high-quality countertops and provide reliable installation services to give our clients value for their money. Here’s when you know it’s time to replace your countertops:

You Notice Signs of Wear and Tear 

Over time, your countertops can become damaged, affecting their appearance and functionality. Surface damage, like cracks and scratches, can occur if you constantly lay heavy or sharp items on your countertops. While some damages can be repaired, others necessitate countertop replacement. This is the case if you can see the material under your countertop through the cracks. Our team can inspect your countertop and recommend the best course of action. 

Surface damage can make your space unattractive and compromise the integrity of your entire surface, as the cracks may transform into chips, causing you to lose parts of your countertop. It can also pose health risks as it’s difficult to eliminate bacteria that may be hiding in the cracks completely. E&B Granite can improve your space’s appearance and help you promote hygiene by installing new countertops. We offer natural stone (granite, marble, quartzite) and quartz countertops because they’re some of the most durable in the market. Their hardness makes them resistant to scratches and chips, so you don’t have to worry about repairs or replacements too soon after installation. 

You Notice Stubborn Stains, Burns, or Discoloration 

Countertops subjected to heavy use can become stained, burned, or discolored over time. Stains are often common on kitchen and bathroom countertops as they’re susceptible to liquid spills. Burns are also common in these spaces because of hot pots and curling irons. 

Discoloration can occur if your countertops are exposed to stains or direct sunlight for a long time. These issues can affect your space’s aesthetic appeal. Our team will restore your kitchen’s or bathroom’s curb appeal by installing and sealing your new countertops. Sealing adds an extra layer of protection on your countertops, minimizing the risk of damage. We’ll also advise you on how to care for your new countertops for optimal service. 

Your Countertops Look Outdated 

Unless you’re going for a vintage appeal, it may be time to change your countertops if they’re no longer in style, even if they don’t have visible signs of aging. If you upgrade, choose materials likely to stand the test of time, like granite. Granite countertops are a specialty at E&B Granite, so you can expect expertly designed, fabricated, and installed countertops. 

You’re Renovating Your Space 

Renovating your kitchen or bathroom is a transformative process that can change your space’s entire aesthetic. Some homeowners cut renovation costs by maintaining their old countertops only for them to clash with their new design elements. We encourage clients to upgrade their countertops as they do everything else to achieve a cohesive and visually pleasing design. 

A countertop is a prominent feature, so its appearance can impact the overall aesthetic of your space. Our designers will work with you to choose a stone, color scheme, and finish that complements your new space for a harmonious look. We offer over 100 quartz patterns and 150 varieties of granite, so we can help you find something appealing for your new counters. 

Your Lifestyle and Needs Change 

Your living space needs to evolve as your lifestyle and needs do for optimal comfort. Consider whether your current countertops provide sufficient workspace for meal preparation, cooking, or daily bathroom routines. If you constantly lack space for daily activities, consider replacing existing countertops with larger surfaces. 

You may also need new countertops if yours aren’t ergonomically designed. This is especially beneficial if you have trouble bending or using a wheelchair. Your countertops should be a suitable height to enhance your usability and convenience. Our team begins every installation with a layout assessment. We’ll consider your needs, create drawings of countertops that best meet them, and take measurements of your space to deliver a satisfactory final product. 

You Plan to Sell Your Home 

Selling a home in a competitive real estate market can be challenging as buyers can be incredibly demanding. You need to make your home stand out to get their attention. We can help you do this through impeccable countertop installation. Presenting modern, well-maintained countertops when selling your home can work in your favor, as buyers often prefer homes that don’t need too many upgrades. If you’re looking for an upgrade on a budget, our team can help you find the perfect balance between affordability and quality. 

Get Professional Countertop Installation from E&B Granite

E&B Granite is a leading countertop installation company serving residents in St. Louis and the Bi-State Area since 2002. We have one of the largest in-stock stone selections in the Midwest, so that we can meet your project’s needs. Our elite designers, fabricators, and installation experts will work hard to make your dream countertop a reality. Contact us for high-quality countertop installation. 

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