Should Kitchen Cabinets Go All The Way Up to the Ceiling?


Deciding how high your custom cabinets should go can be challenging. It’s easy to jump to whatever option gives you the most storage space, but it’s more complicated than that. There are a few things to consider before making your decision.

Things to Consider When Deciding How High Your Cabinets Should go:


First, think about your personal design preferences. Perhaps taller cabinets would fit better with the design you want. You may make such a decision independently or consult a design professional.

Review the ceiling height of your kitchen, and if you could not reach a taller cabinet anyway, you may opt for shorter cabinets. In some cases, shorter cabinets save money in the end, considering you wouldn’t be paying for cabinetry that you can’t use.

Other people may like the idea of having high cabinets where they can store extra kitchen equipment. Cabinets that reach the ceiling also create a look of a spacier kitchen. If you use design to decide, there is no way to go wrong. It’s all about personal preference. 


Another aspect to note is the taller the cabinet, the higher the price. If you can’t afford the extra cabinetry beyond the regular cabinet height, you can sometimes save money by dropping the extra height.

Finding suitable cabinets for you from a budget standpoint depends on the individual situation. If you are set on having taller cabinets but they are out of your price range, consult your design professional. They might have more affordable options for you to consider while having the visual appeal of tall cabinetry.

Ceiling Height

While this might seem like an obvious step, it is often overlooked in the planning process. If you have especially high-vaulted ceiling, then cabinets going to your ceiling are simply not an option.

You can still get tall cabinets, but you will face reasonable limits. Additionally, if your ceilings aren’t extremely tall, but tall enough where you would have to climb to get to the top, this may be another reason to reconsider.

As a rule of thumb, if your ceilings are 10 feet tall or more, don’t put cabinetry all the way to the top.

Pro’s of Ceiling Height Cabinetry

  • Requires less upkeep and cleaning
  • Sleeker look
  • Extra storage
  • Eliminates awkward gap between ceiling and cabinet 

Con’s of Ceiling Height Cabinetry

  • Cost more
  • Difficulty reaching the top shelf

What to Look for When Purchasing Custom Cabinets

When deciding where to purchase your cabinets, you must find a cabinetry company that suites your needs. Look for a place that can work with your budget and style.

At E&B Granite, you can find luxury cabinets for less. Here you will find popular brands like Kabinart, Smart, Schrock, Waypoint, and Décora. We will take you through the process of purchasing your custom cabinets with ease. You will first begin with the drawings/layout stage, followed by the design, fabrication, and finally, the installation. No matter your needs, the team at E&B Granite is determined to find the right fit. 

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