Will Granite Countertops Ever Go Out Of Style?


Countertop installation can be a significant investment, so most people want materials that’ll last longer and remain stylish. Granite is a popular choice for countertops and brings out the inherent aesthetics of natural stone. Here are some reasons why granite countertops can’t possibly go out of style:

Granite Countertop Installation and Designs Keep Changing

Granite selection is never static because excavations yield new colors and patterns. The stone forms naturally without human intervention, so no two excavations produce granite with identical characteristics. Even the most abundant granite is only available in limited amounts. 

Homeowners can find popular granite varieties, but each slab’s veining and coloring are unique. All granite available today will eventually be quarried out, making current countertops unrepeatable, and the same quarry will provide different granite varieties and selections.

You Can Always Decorate Around the Granite Countertops

Decorating around the granite countertop can help keep the installation in style. When shopping for countertops, determine ways to decorate around the slab to bring out the best visuals. Ponder if changing appliance colors and other decorations are viable in the future. 

Granite countertop selection offers several options so that you can identify the best colors and patterns for your décor. You can also research what colors would match the granite. The goal is to install styles that appeal to your needs instead of passing trends that go out of style. 

Granite Countertops Offer Opportunities for Limited Colors 

The earliest granite countertops saw gravitation towards gray pieces with lots of marbling. Modern homeowners are more impressed by minimalist white granite and some fancy bold kitchens with black granite. Quarries can also halt the production of specific granites for several years.

Some varieties and colors have limited availability, and homeowners can leverage the opportunity to install countertops unique to their home. Installing rare or unique granite raises property value and keeps the countertops in style without being overly trendy.

Granite Offers Unique Benefits Homeowners Seek

Granite won’t go out of style since it provides everything homeowners want. A granite countertop is resistant to heat and offers incredible fidelity, staying flat for its entire lifecycle without warping or bowing. Other granite benefits include damage resistance and easy repair.

A granite countertop increases your home’s value and can be the centerpiece in the room.  Plus, no natural stone material is as reliable, desirable, and customizable as granite.

Granite and Other Natural Stone Products are Timeless

Granite is 100% natural material like wood and stone, and such things don’t go out of style. The unique granite colors, veining, and structures are present during excavation. Quarries merely cut, trim and polish granite into the slabs you’ll find in a countertop shop.

Colors and patterns may trend during certain times, so designs and finishes popular in the 90s may not look ideal today. However, the granite material has remained stylish because it is natural, and homeowners can also improve the appearance to fit current design requirements.

Trustworthy Granite Shop in St. Louis

E&B Granite is a reputable granite shop with more than 150 unique granite varieties and custom finishes, shapes, and sizes. We have been installing high quality, custom countertops (e.g., mitered edges, waterfall legs, veining matched back splash) in St. Louis and Southern Illinois since 2002.

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